Boutique Operation of US Station (3C electronic products)
Job responsibilities

1.Amazon middle and high level operation or operation team leader is familiar with the basic rules of Amazon platform, can be independently responsible for the operation and maintenance of the store, if there is also the experience of leading a team is better, including account analysis, product editing, modification, shelving, multi-variant splitting, order processing, etc. 

2.Responsible for all operations of the FBA, follow up on the signing and shelving of the FBA goods, pay attention to the good warehouse stock at any time, and reasonably arrange the Replenishment program.

3.Designate the sales strategy and promotion plan of Amazon store, improve the product exposure and sales conversion rate, and be able to precipitate the product line inside some categories.

4.Familiar with Amazon CPC advertisement, spike and promotion and other promotion techniques, and be able to skillfully use and analyze the data.

5.Pay attention to competitors' dynamics, understand the latest industry dynamics, and optimize the listing by combining the platform research results and advertising data.6.How to do new product strategy, vine and other ways, and how to do a good job in service and maintenance of evaluation scores is the most critical.
Requirements. degree or above, English grade 4 or above, more than 3 years of U.S. station boutique operation experience, new store link performance 10-15W U.S. dollars or more, gross profit of 15% or more, good at station advertising and listing optimization, pure white hat playing experience, have done BS link priority, 3C category 100 U.S. dollars product line advertisement ACOS if the priority to be recruited in 13% or less: know how to Priority to those who know how to maintain the evaluation ratings in a compliant manner.
2.Good at advertising or copywriting, with some product line thinking. Have done vertical categories. Have pushed the BS link in the past year, and have a certain ability to control the risk of Amazon account.

3.Proactive work, strong execution, good communication skills, a strong sense of responsibility and enterprising, able to take the initiative to diligently research, and can withstand a certain degree of work pressure. Can do ALLIN, go all out to make the account up the ability to co-ordinate the store and encounter problems patiently analyze and solve problems in a timely manner or do a good job in advance of the store to prevent and control the work, early warning work: 

4. Good team spirit and sense of service, honesty and trustworthiness, do things down-to-earth.

Remarks: the company is specialized in Amazon 7 years the United States station professional 3C category, have their own factory core supply chain products, operation as long as there is a wealth of experience is responsible for sure to earn a lot of money.
Treatment: base salary 10K-15K + monthly commission + monthly incentives (detailed specific interviews).
Trial period: 3 months.